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I was a very stressed out lady, married to a pilot in the US Military. We were high school sweethearts and now married for several years. Our story began after trying for several years trying to start a family. Our financial and relational resources were exhausted. I had five miscarriages all in the first trimester and my team of doctors declared my womb a hostile environment to raise a fetus to birth, leaving me options of surrogates and adoption. My Hero/My Husband recently started having problems with his mind, his thinking and swallowing. His doctors couldn’t find a diagnosis and he started melting away both physically and spiritually. If we were to lose my husband’s pilot status our whole livelihood would be in jeopardy and the dream of ever having a family would be gone. I met a student from Denver School of Massage Therapy at the gym. I was trying to relieve stress by running on the treadmill and feeling sorry for myself. The next few moments changed my life forever. This student introduced himself while working out in his shirt that said Denver School of Massage Therapy. He was funny, warm, knowledgeable, and very determined to educate me on the benefits of massage. As we conversed a light bulb went on in my heart and my head...God had sent me my own special “Angel”! My husband and I volunteered to be his client’s/guinea pigs for the different modalities he was practicing in class. We learned SHIATSU, ACUPRESSURE, REFLEXOLOGY, STRETCHING AND SLEEPING modalities. To make this story short and sweet I became pregnant after several sessions because my mind and body became balanced. I am now several months along…What a Blessing and a Miracle!!!!! My husband has made a miraculous turnaround and is once again a Strong, Vibrant, Warrior for our Country.  We went with the flow, direction and enthusiasm this man lead us on. When he becomes licensed we will continue to see him for whatever price he asks. If the DSMT turns out people like this GREAT example-you need to franchise it! Your student refused payment, tips or meals with us, but did accept coffee. Therefore, I dedicate this small gift to Trent and his amazing school. The School that produces ANGELS WALKING AMONGST US!  I, my family, and my future legacy will be thanking you throughout the end of time!

Anita N Angel (I Need an Angel)  (June 2011)


This is so embarrassing! I injured my shoulder at pole dancing class in Vegas over the weekend. Pony even warned us (yes, that was the instructor's REAL name!) that shoulder injuries were common and how to properly keep it safe. Super huge thank you to Trent Erickson for the hot stone massage today - the range of motion in my neck has already improved significantly.  It's good to have friends in healing places.

Also, Glitter-licious will probably not be back on the pole anytime soon. Michelle Frances Valicek  ( May 2016)


I checked off my bucket list dream by running 26.2 at the Fargo Marathon. Trent met me prior to race and completed a lower body Rossiter System Workout releasing my quads, hamstrings n gastrocs so my legs felt fluid n loose as I ran. I FINISHED!!! Trent completed another post Rossiter session and within 1.5 days I was easily going up and down stairs! A true miracle! Thank you, Trent for sharing your magnificent gifts n skills of healing n recovery to a state of greater strength! Thanks for your assistance with creating dreams to reality!!! Sue Lopez  (May 2016)


My massage with Trent today felt incredible! It was my first time today experiencing hot stone massage and rain drop therapy, and whoa have I been missing out because it felt amazing on my soar muscles. The rain drop technique made all my muscles in my body relax and put my mind in a tranquil state. The space was very relaxing and cozy, which made it easy to relax my mind and body. Trent is a master at what he does and was gifted with healing hands. Experiencing hot stone therapy with Trent is a must! Andrea PItz (August 2016)


Trent has done wonders for me. I'm a very active person who exercises 3-4 days a week, and do weightlifting. My muscles and lower back suffer often. I have many times woke up with kinks in my back and neck. His ability to make that pain go away is amazing. Between his hot stone massages, incorporated with the Rikki, his raindrop technique and most recently the Rossiter, I leave his office pain free. I'm grateful for his talent and also his friendship. Try him. You can't go wrong ! Roslyn Sanders (August 2016)


I could go on for days and days about this amazing man and his talent! Trent has blessed me on more than one occasion with his incredible massage! I, myself, am a body worker so I am very particular about who I allow to work on me. Trent is very intuitive and listens intently to what the body needs. His protocol involves deep tissue, hot stone, reflexology, reiki and a number of other advanced techniques. Trent is a blessing and I am so grateful for his help with my chronic pain and his assistance in balancing me emotionally. This man is a God send for sure! Brandy Jensen Anderson (August 2016)


I have been enjoying Trent's healing massages for several years I first met him at massage envy I enjoy visiting him at the historic spirit room above Swanson's health food store downtown Fargo I know God is the one true healer but after a hot stone massage session and Trent's intuitive ways to release pain and stress I believe he is an angel with similar capabilities with his knowledge and compassion for helping people out of pain. Thanks So Much!!! Kayla Noyes (August 2016)


I had a hot stone massage with Trent and I'm not exaggerating when I say it was the best massage I've ever had. Just the perfect amount of pressure. Setting was relaxing. I will definitely be back to see Trent in the future! Kari Ayers (September 2016)


I got a hot stone massage and I loved every second of it! It soothed my achy body. Thanks Trent! You're amazing! Alyssa Mae Thorson (September 2016)


Trent's love and passion for truly helping and healing fully comes through in the Bodywork he does. I love the hot stones and the WARM lotion (I find that most people don't take the time to warm their lotion). Thanks for an AMAZING experience (as always!)!!! Teresa Pazdernik (September 2016)


Trent is absolutely awesome! His passion for healing shows in every service I've ever received from him! He constantly learns and educates himself on new techniques to stay current and versatile. I have gotten hot stone massages before and never loved them until I received a service from him. Do yourself a favor and GO SEE HIM! You won't regret it! Laura Mittet Lesoine (December 2016)


I would highly recommend Trent to anyone looking for therapy through massage. Highly recommend hot stone massage and rain therapy for both digestive health and relaxation. Debbie Svobodny (January 2017)


I had a great experience and learned a lot as well! Haylee Thompson (January 2017)


Trent goes above and beyond to meet your needs! I have not found a better massage therapist to take care of the tightness/tension throughout my body. I look forward to continue to work with him to improve my overall health. Emma Zima (January 2017)


Trent is one for the best massage therapists in town. Michele Hemmelgarn (January 2017)


Best experience I have ever had. I was seen for a massage in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy and it was better then I thought possible. I will definitely return.  Skye Tathryn (January 2017)


Trent is very Professional with a compassionate caring for each client individually. Hot rock massage is very helpful and promotes healing. Julie Possehl (January 2017)


Trent is a gifted therapist. Amazing, magical, healing experience. Myra Nowak (January 2017)


Absolutely the best massage therapist or body, mind and soul. Do the hot rock!!! Maarja Krump (January 2017)


Trent goes above and beyond when it comes to meeting clients needs. Accessibility can sometimes be an issue for me because of my wheelchair... Not with Trent, though. Since I couldn't go to him, he came to me. Who does that?! Trent, that's who. As for the massage itself? I could not have been more satisfied. I'm usually in a perpetual state of pain and discomfort, but by thy time Trent was halfway into my treatment I was feeling anything but. If you have tension or soreness I recommend giving him a call. You will not regret it! Mitchell Benson (January 2017)


Trent is absolutely amazing. He is very informational and explains the process of his massage before he starts. He made me feel very comfortable! First time with the hot stone massage and rain drop and I cant tell you the relief I felt when I left. Trent was blessed with this gift and you can sure tell! Megan Klinkhammer (February 2017)


Trent successfully loosened up muscles in my neck and shoulders that have refused to let go for years. Great job. Knowledgeable and professional therapist! Carol Seim (March 2017)


Trent is a talented and skilled therapist. Thanks for the great massage! James Baker (March 2017)


I've been to Results Bodyworks a few times in the last few months. Every time Trent has listened to the issues I've been dealing with and really help work out some of the tension. I really enjoy his use of a variety of techniques! I highly recommend him to anyone! Chandra Mueller (April 2017)


Received a Heated Stone massage from Trent, he does an amazing job looking forward to the next time I'm in town to go again. Thank you Trent! Amy Jo Possehl (April 2017)


Trent does a phenomenal job and my entire family goes to him. He always goes above and beyond what is asked and is explains the process very well! I would recommend to all! Lexi Guttormson (April 2017)

I was a mess walking into my appointment, and right off the bat Trent was humble and welcoming, asking some informative open questions...I tried a bit of raindrop technique which was awesome, I love the oils!...Trent is kind and good natured, conversation was friendly. His touch pressure was right on... found spots I did not know needed (kneaded :) work! I think if you like the pressure of a weighted blanket, having hot stones incorporated with the massage is the technique to... do, which also was incorporated... just brought it to another level of relaxation, because when he sadly removed them it was like spiritual or emotional heaviness was lifted off. Touch does wonders, Goodness..
Ha! He has a good personality, humorous and encouraging. As a mother of four young kiddos, I'm super glad I came across a Facebook like, by a couple of friends, and booked an online super easy appointment time...Easy place to find downtown broadway, need to come a little earlier though to find a parking spot!! Dakota Seminole (May 2017)

Seriously amazing! Hands down, the best hot stone massage in town. Thanks Trent! Alex Roeder (May 2017)

I have had very few massages in my life (tough it out MN mentality) but having one from Trent changed my way of thinking. I have suffered with stomach issues and hip issues for quite some time. I have used chiro care for some of it but massage gave me the most relief for the longest period. With healthcare deductibles skyrocketing, I am exploring other methods of self care. Trent is at the top of my list!! Thank you! Rachelle Armstrong (May 2017)





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